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“We love this school! FBCA not only has high academic standards, but teaches using the classical method. This has helped our kids retain the information much better and it also helps them to

know how to think critically about it.”

“My daughter has been with FBCA for four years. The teachers at this school are phenomenal, providing excellent one-on-one mentorship and helping my daughter to overcome her fears and other obstacles. As a single mother working a full time job, this school provides an excellent education at the most affordable price within Kamloops.”

Our Daughter has Tourettes, ADHD and an anxiety disorder.  First Baptist Classical Academy helped our family put some very important pieces of our daughter's education back together.  For us, it wasn't all about academics, although they are important it was about giving her a safe, secure and loving place to learn. The staff at FBCA gave her that. They embraced the whole child!  Our family could not be happier!    

"While the quality of education at FBCA is of the highest standard, this not the primary reason why our family chooses this school.

We choose it because this is a community that walks alongside our family in our efforts to grow our children in the grace and knowledge of God."

“I was terrified when my husband left our family just as my daughter was entering into kindergarten. For a variety of reasons I worried that she would be bullied in the public schools, and I knew that with my salary I could never afford other private schools. But I found true friends in the staff and teachers at FBCA who have actually provided a better education at an affordable price. My daughter is thriving, and she loves learning.

Thank you, FBCA!”

"As a newly immigrated family from India, we were very concerned about our children's education because they were in a new culture and learning a new language. It was the perfect decision to enroll them at

First Baptist Classical Academy.

After the first term, we  saw dramatic improvement in our children’s ability to speak the language and in the other subjects as well. We would like to express our gratitude to all the faculty members.

Kudos to the team at First Baptist Classical Academy.”

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