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Students must be dropped off in the West Parking Lot and enter the building through the front door. The Academy opens to students at 8:10 AM.

Students are dismissed at 3:00 PM, except on Fridays when students are dismissed at 12:00 PM.


Parents of K-1 are to pick students up in person. Kindergarten and Grade 1 children will not be released to any individual not on the approved pick-up form. All other children will exit the building through the foyer or main door.


The West Parking Lot is reserved for parents of K-1 students. Parents who do not have children in Kindergarten or Grade 1 must park in the Back or East lots.

The maximum speed limit allowed is 10 km/hr. Please note that the parking lot can be very icy and slippery during the winter. Please be cautious while driving and walking in the parking lot during the winter and remind your children of parking lot safety.

Dogs are not allowed on the grounds (on or off leash) or inside the building.

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