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Parent Handbook



Welcome to First Baptist Academy. We are so glad that you have taken an interest in our Academy, and it is our prayer that God would continue to guide and direct your steps as you begin to think about the educational investment that you are preparing to make in the life of your child.


Before we say anything else, perhaps it is most important to say this first. As Christian leaders in the twenty-first century, we are committed to investing in the lives of children who will one day be used by God to make a positive impact in Kamloops and the world. We aim to help our students understand God’s Word and how to apply it in the midst of complex circumstances and issues, both local and global. In every aspect of our school, it is our mission to educate and train our children to one day become leaders marked by an uncompromising commitment to love God, love His Word, and love His people, as they navigate the shifting cultural sands of the future.


As we have considered the best method for accomplishing this goal, we have become convinced that Christian education needs to return to a more unified and holistic approach to the subjects and fields of academic endeavour, with the Scriptures placed exclusively at the center. In this vein, we believe that the ancient methods of classical learning and the disciplines of grammar, logic and rhetoric, also known as the Trivium, are Biblical and essential to every subject of study. We don’t merely want to impart facts and figures to our children. We want them to learn how to learn and how to think critically for themselves.


As you read through the pages of the Parent/Student Handbook you will learn about different aspects of our school and our academic community. You will become more familiar with our philosophy of education, our view of the Scriptures, and our approach at First Baptist Academy.


To download our Parent/Student Handbook, please click the link at the right.


We look forward to sharing this journey with you!


In Christ,

Joshua Claycamp

Pastor, First Baptist Church

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