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The Annual Fund is called the Annual Fund because we need your help each and every year to enrich First Baptist Academy programs…programs both inside and outside the classroom. We use the dollars from your Annual Fund donation to enhance the programs, support the faculty, and to fund initiatives not in the budget. Fidelis is a non-profit organization with a limited budget. Your support helps us go from good to great!


As you give, remember the words of Samuel Davies, one of the founders of Princeton:


"I've often walked the tedious crowded streets of London from morning to evening, till my nature has been quite exhausted, and I have bee  hardly able to move a limb. It was but seldom that I could relax myself in conversation with a friend, by reason of incessant hurries; and when I have had an opportunity, my spirits have been so spent, that I was but a dull companion. My hurries have also denied me the pleasure of a curious traveller, in taking a careful view of the numerous curiosities of nature and art in London. But all these disadvantages have been more than balanced by the success we have had...


'Tis but little that so useless a creature can do for God, during the short day of life; but to be instrumental in laying a foundation of extensive benefit to mankind, not only in the present but in future generations, is a most animating prospect, and if my usefulness should thus survive me, I shall live to future ages in the most valuable respects."


Samuel Davies - May 7, 1754

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To better match your personal philanthropic preferences with our existing needs, we offer restricted giving opportunities. Please decide how your gift will support the school by investing in our Family of Funds. Your gift to the fund of your choice will help ensure excellence in that program for the year ahead.


Science and Technology Fund


Enriched academic programs are a first step in providing a superior learning environment. To keep pace with the ever-advancing fields of science and technology, there is need for funding in these areas at FBA. Contributions to this fund will go toward the purchase of laboratory equipment, classroom projectors, and school computers.


Athletics Fund


In addition to learning how to kick or throw a ball, there is much to be gained on the playing field. Students are given the opportunity to learn about the balance of commitment, physical fitness, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Godly character is developed and molded as students test their skills against the opponent and one another. Gifts to this fund will help purchase equipment, team uniforms, an additional scoreboard in the Logos Gymnasium, and a new 15-passenger van.


Fine Arts Fund


Opportunities for our students to be enriched in the areas of drama, fine arts, and choral & instrumental performance are vital to a well-rounded education. Your gifts to the Fine Arts Fund support these programs that encourage creativity and individual expression. An investment in this fund will go toward the purchase of a safer, more efficient lighting and sound system for staging productions.


Financial Aid Fund


Make a lasting difference in the life of a local family! Gifts to the Financial Aid Fund will be used to assist qualified applicants who might otherwise not be able to attend FBA School. Thank you for considering a gift and for your support! The Annual Fund year ends on June 30 of the school year. Please help us reach our goal! Consider making a gift on our secure server now.


Please click the box on the right to make a donation. Thank you!

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