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October 17, Headmaster Email

Good morning parents,

These are just a few items to bring to your attention.

Holiday Traditions

As we enter the Halloween and Christmas holiday seasons, we would like to ask you to discuss with your children how to be respectful of other family traditions. Some families use Halloween as a time to connect with their neighbours, while others choose not to participate in the holiday at all. Similarly, some families have chosen not to include Santa Claus as a part of their Christmas celebrations, while others enjoy this childhood tradition. In these matters, there is Christian liberty, and we need to cultivate a spirit of graciousness towards those who celebrate differently. We would ask you to have these conversations at home with your children this weekend as well to aid in the development of a school culture of love and kindness.

We need Volunteers!!

We need volunteers to help turn over classrooms on Friday after school. If you are available, please let me know.

We have a link for the October lunch schedule. Thank you to all of you who have been able to help with lunch supervision. Please sign up as you are able.

Hot Lunch Wednesday, October 19th

Please be aware that this Wednesday is Hot Lunch for those of you who have signed up. Please speak with Elysha if you have any questions.

Logic Ladies Uniform

As you are aware, we made a last-minute amendment to our Logic student's uniform at the start of the school year due to an issue with sizing for the ties. We had the ladies' ties made by a local seamstress, and they are finished. Ties can be purchased from the office for $15.00. The ladies will be wearing their ties tied in a floppy bow tie. Here is a link for a quick instructional video. How to Tie a Floppy Bow - Bing video

School ground rules

  1. No student may open any doors or gates to let someone into the building or parking lot. Please ask a student to go get a teacher or an adult to let you in. Please speak with your child to make sure they know.

  2. Balls can only be used in the parking lot—no playing with balls after school or when cars are present.

Choir announcement

Today is the first meeting of the choir. Choir practice will be every other Monday afternoon from 3:10 – 3:40 in the lower auditorium. All students are welcome who can maintain choir etiquette throughout the entire practice. Please see attached document for details.

If you have any questions, please see Ms. Stanley or Mrs. Savage after school or email

In Christ,

James Casson

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