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November 18, Headmaster Email

Dear Parents,

Just a few more weeks until Christmas break! Here's a few things to note:

Winter Gear:

The students were all excited for the snow today! It obviously caught a few of us families off-guard as not all the students were prepared to be outside in snow. Please remember to send gloves, snow boots, and other needed items. Snow gear may stay here through the week, but must be taken home on Friday. Because of the amount of events which happen within the building over the weekend, we can not guarantee items left behind will be seen again! Like anything else, please label your child's gear.

Santa Clause Reminder:

I spoke to the students in assembly this week in a generic way about respecting their peer's Christmas traditions. We would ask that you continue this conversation at home; in particular, if your family does not include Santa as a part of your celebrations, please remind your children not to tell other students that he does not exist. It is important that we leave this matter in the hands of parents.

School Photos Are Ready!

On Monday, all of the proofs will be available to be viewed. If you are wanting to purchase a digital copy of your child’s photo, it will be sent through email for the cost of $10 per student paid via cash or etransfer. Please email to submit your orders.

Wreath Fundraiser:

Please email the office by Monday, November 22 if you would like make a wreath on Saturday, December 4. Payment is due on the 22 as well.

Lunch Supervision Sign Up:

If you have trouble with the link, feel free to call or email the office to sign up for lunch supervision :

In Christ,


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