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May 24th, Headmaster Email

Dear Parents,

The end of the year is quickly approaching! Here are some things to note this week:

Hot Lunch:

Many have asked if hot lunch is tomorrow--it is not. The next hot lunch is scheduled for June 1.

Grade 7-8 Field Trip:

Remember that the Grade 7-8s will be attending Wizard of Oz tomorrow. The need to pack a hearty snack and wear their formal uniform.

Speech Meet: June 7

Please continue to work at home on your child's memorization of their speech for the school-wide speech meet. Parents will be invited to attend and a schedule of the day will be sent out this week.

Incrementum: June 23

Our end of year banquet, Incrementum, will be held the evening of June 23 for our students and parents. Due to limited seating, siblings not enrolled at FBCA and other family members are unable to attend. Please save this evening on your calendar and look for more details soon.

Lunch Supervision:

In Christ,


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