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March 9th, Headmaster Email

Dear Parents,

I hope your week is going well! I know everyone is excited that Spring Break is almost here! We do have a few important items for you to know:

Re-Enrollment Deadline Friday:

Your student's re-enrollment paperwork and fees are due Friday to secure their enrollment at FBCA next year. Any that come in past the deadline will automatically be added to our "waiting pool." Remember that the fee covers all school supplies and the school t-shirt (worn by students in grade 3 and up for PE).

This link can be used for payment of the re-enrollment fee:

FBCA Teacher & Staff Applications:

FBCA is now accepting applications for the following positions for the 2022-2023 School Year!

  • Elementary Teacher

  • PE Teacher

  • Single-Subject Grade 7-9 Teachers (inquire with Kyla Bleyenberg)

  • Teacher on Call (Substitute Teacher) Pool

  • Educational Assistant Pool

Inquire with the church office for an application. All Applications are due April 21.

School Rules: Rough Housing

We have had many incidences lately of rough housing among our students, particularly within Miss McAndrew's class. We have explained this thoroughly to the students, but want to make you aware as well: Rough housing is not allowed on the grounds of FBCA, under any circumstances. Our school has a wide range of students in small spaces, and as such, it is too easy for innocent rough housing to lead to personal injury of those involved or bystanders or to the damage of property. Additionally, rough housing that begins as play can quickly exasperate a student and lead to intentional violence. Verbal corrections have not been headed and therefore we need to return to the policy we had in place last year: any rough housing that occurs can result in office visit and potentially suspension. Please discuss this matter at home with your children so they are aware of the appropriate boundaries and the consequences that will be faced should they violate this rule.

In Christ,


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