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March 18th, Headmaster Email

Dear Parents,

We've made it to Spring Break! Here's just a few things for you to note:

Lost & Found Items:

These are on a table in the foyer. If you are able to come in at pick-up to ensure none your family's items are left behind, that would be very helpful to the cleanliness and clutter within the building over the break. There are some renovations taking place during the next few weeks, so items may not be here when we return.


We have an ongoing fundraiser at the Battle St. Bottle Depot. Drop of your cans and ask it to be credited to First Baptist Classical Academy! This account will be open for another month.

Also, when we return from the break, our Spring fundraiser will begin, which is the plant sale, like last year. This includes flowers, vegetables and herbs.

Speech Meet:

We are excited about a new event at FBCA! On June 7, we will have a school-wide Speech Meet in which all students will share an indivually memorized presentation. Students in Kindergarten through Grade 6 will select a piece from Scripture, Poetry, Historical Speech or Literature and students in Grade 7-8 will present their Term 3 Bible project.

More information will come in the following weeks, but I thought the Grammar (K-6) students might like to begin thinking about what they will select. I have attached a document with their parameters. Students are to submit their top two choices by Wednesday, April 6. Because we do not want any duplicates, students will be notified by Friday, April 8 which of their selections they will do. If they do not submit a selection, one will be assigned to them on April 8.

I'm sure there will be questions surrounding this project and I assure you more details will be coming. For now, I simply wanted to let you know some basic information in case children would like to brainstorm with you over Spring Break what they might like to present.

April Lunch Supervision:

In Christ,


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