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June 3, Headmaster Email

Hello Parents,

Students have begun to see some of the fruits of their labor! The school was able to purchase more playground equipment from the funds that students have raised this year. The Latin group has especially enjoyed the extra equipment this week. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard for this!

Additionally, here are a few more items to be aware of:

- Hot Lunch:

The bright orange Hot Lunch forms were sent home with students yesterday. The forms and payment are due back tomorrow, Friday, June 4th.

- Field Trip Permission Forms:

Field trip permission forms were sent home on Wednesday (on green paper). When signing them please sign in pen, NOT pencil and make sure to read and check off the little boxes if you are in agreement. Greek students need to sign and date the Sunnybrae form as well as parents. Some forms have come back incomplete. Elysha is addressing the forms that are incomplete. All permission forms are due back Wednesday, June 9 for both Latin and Greek groups.

- June Lunch Supervision:

We greatly appreciate all of the volunteers who will be coming on the field trips, however, please consider that we have an ongoing need for lunch supervisors. Here is the link to sign up for lunch supervision in June. Thank you for your help in this area.

In Christ,

Pastor Ryan

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