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June 16, Headmaster Email

Hello Parents,

Students are working very hard this week as they finish up projects and prepared for final assessments. There have been many difficult aspects to life this year, but I am continually blessed and pleased to see the character that is being developed in your precious children. Thank you for how you shepherd them and thank you for entrusting us from First Baptist Classical Academy to play a part in their discipleship and education.

Here are a few items to be aware of this week.

Dress Code: With only two weeks left of school and our children spouting like weeds, I understand that many of us are scraping the bottom of the barrel as it pertains to uniforms that fit. However, please remember to do a quick check before students go out the door, particularly ladies in the 6-7 class. If students come with shorts or skirts that are too short, then they will be asked to wait in the office until a parent can bring in an appropriate uniform.

Latin Field Trip: If you have volunteered to be a driver for the O’Keefe Ranch field trip, then please ensure that you have contacted Elysha in the office to provide a copy of your insurance and driver’s license as well as a current background check.

  • Uniforms: Please remember that students need to wear a shirt that has the school crest embroidered onto it and uniform shorts or pants. If a student does not have a crested shirt, then they must wear a jumper (girls) or sweater vest (boys) with an embroidered school crest. Students may wear school approved runners. Students must also bring a lunch and water bottle. It will be hot, so please send students with a hat.

  • Schedule and Volunteers: If you are attending the field trip as a volunteer, please be at the school no later than 8:30. We will assign students to their vehicles for the day. Please know that there will be no switching of vehicle assignments. We are finalizing vehicle assignments today and will make you aware of them. We will begin loading the vehicles at 8:30 and aim to leave between at 8:45 and 9:00 and arrive at the ranch between 10:00 and 10:15. Upon arrival students will eat a morning snack and be divided into 3 main tour groups. Each group will have one leader who has already been assigned. All other volunteers will simply be asked to assist children and help maintain order throughout our tours. For our return, vehicles will be loaded at 1:30 and we will aim to arrive back at the school between 2:45 and 3:00.

  • Loading Vehicles: If your child requires a booster seat or carseat, please send that with your child in the morning. I will be at the Latin door to receive the seat. I will put sticky notes with students’ names on every seat to ensure it goes to the correct vehicle. If you are driving you vehicle for the trip, please park your vehicle in the East Parking (the gated parking lot). We will begin installing booster seats and car seats at 8:30. If you are able to be there prior to 8:30 that would also be helpful.

  • Spending Money: One portion of the tour is the General Store. Students will have the opportunity to purchase candy there. If you would like for your student to have the ability to purchase something, please consider sending a few dollars with them.

We are going to have great trip! Thank you for your help.

In Christ,

Pastor Ryan

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