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June 15th, Headmaster Email

Dear Parents,

I hope this next to last week of school is going well for you! Here's what you need to know:

K-3 Field Trip:

Remember your child needs to wear a crested uniform item tomorrow (shirt, vest, or jumper) and bring in their car or booster seat, as needed.

Incrementum RSVP

Next Thursday's banquet is for FBCA students and their parents. We do have limited space for additional family members (older sibling, grandparents, etc). Please email the office ( by Friday with the number of people who will be attending from your family.

Mrs. Patterson does need assistance with cleanup following Incrementum. Let her know if you are available.

K-3 PE Bike Parade

As previously mentioned, Mr. Carmichael has been working to plan a Bike Parade for the K-3 class. This will be held next Thursday, June 23. Bikes can be decorated and brought to school Thursday morning. Mr. Carmichael will be at the back gate during drop off. Bikes will be stored under the stairs, roped off from the playground. During the afternoon PE class, he will go over bike safety and allow them to ride in the parking lot. Mr. Carmichael will be by the bikes at pickup in order for them to be taken home. Bikes must go home Thursday after school as we can not guarantee their security over night. If you have any questions, you can email Mr. Carmichael at

Correction: Grade 7-8 Field Trip

The lake trip for the 7-8 class will take place Wednesday, June 22, not June 23 as previously stated.

Correction: Grade 7-9 Teachers

Next year, Mr. Campbell will serve as the Grade 7 homeroom teacher and Miss McAndrew will serve as the Grade 8-9 homeroom teacher.

In Christ,


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