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June 1, Headmaster Email

Hello parents,

I hope you are coping well with this current heat wave. Throughout the afternoon, the classrooms get a little stuffy and I know it causes the students to yearn even more for summer break. In the meantime, students are continuing to dig in and work hard. Thank you for the ways in which you are encouraging your student to finish the school year strong!

Here are a few items of note:

Dealing with the heat:

The weather will continue to be very hot for the remainder of this week. Please ensure that your student has packed a water bottle with them. It is very easy to get dehydrated on these hot days, and students need to be mindful to drink lots of water. Also, please encourage them to be thoughtful about how they dress. It’s still cooler in the mornings but very hot in the afternoons, so students need to dress wisely so they can be comfortable throughout the whole day.

Field Trip permission slips:

Permission slips to attend students’ respective field trips will go home tomorrow, June 2. Those forms need to be returned to school no later than Wednesday, June 9th.

I hope you all have a great rest of the week!

In Christ,

Pastor Ryan

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