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January 8th, Headmaster Email

Good afternoon FBCA families,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Here are the updates for this week.

Speech Meet

We are pleased to announce the upcoming Speech Meet at our school! This exciting event will provide an opportunity for students to practice their public speaking skills and engage in friendly competition. 

FBCA Grammar School Speech Meet

  1. Students’ top two choices are due Thursday, January 18th. If no choice is submitted, a selection will be assigned to them.

  2. The homeroom teacher will approve selections. The headmaster will adjudicate exceptions and special considerations.

  3. Students will be notified by Wednesday, January 24th, which of their choices they will present.

  4. Choices may include passages previously memorized in class.

  5. Students may not repeat a selection they have presented in previous years.

  6. Choices must be memorized unless an exemption is granted.

  7. This is a Speech Meet. Students are not to sing their presentation.

  8. The Speech Meet will be held on Thursday, March 14th. Before this, students will have opportunities to practice within their class.

Full Speech Meet details are included in the attached file

Snow tomorrow

As we are expecting snowy weather tomorrow, we kindly request that students come prepared with winter jackets, snow-pants, and both indoor and outdoor shoes. This will help us ensure the cleanliness of our school building while also allowing the students to safely enjoy the snowy outdoor activities during breaks and recess time. 

In Christ,

James Casson

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