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January 22, Headmaster Email

Dear Parents,

It has been a full week at the Academy, which is why you are only hearing from me now at the end of the week instead of at the beginning! I have many important pieces to communicate today, so please take a moment to read through each of the following:

Parent-Student Handbook 2021-22

These will be available in hard copy format soon, but for now, see the attached PDF version. A few things to draw your attention to:

  • Updated Academy Calendar (very similar to this year's);

  • Updated School Hours: School will dismiss at 2:50 Monday-Thursday!

  • New--Special Education Policy;

  • Updated procedure for uniform violations; and

  • Updated Electronics Policy;

  • Updated Appeal's Policy.

Re-Enrollments & New Enrollments

Signed agreement with the Parent Student Handbook is included in all enrollment forms. Please have re-enrollment forms and payment back to the church office by March 16th to guarantee your child's spot. New enrollment is due June 15th. Enrollment fees can be paid in the office or electronically here:

School Photos

If you have paid for your school photos, they are available for pick-up today! The digital copy will also be emailed out. If you have not paid yet, please do so in the office or here:

Purdy's Fundraiser!

Boxes of chocolates are here! Danica will be passing them out by families after school today. If she doesn't get to you (and for any homeschool families wishing to participate), they will be available on Monday. Please see the letter that comes with chocolates for the specifics of this fundraiser. Proceeds from all fundraisers will go towards building upgrades to allow our school to expand next year!


Please remember to email the office in the morning in the event of your child missing school.

Parking Lot Safety

We have continued to have some children running through the East Parking lot and alley after school. Children have been directed to go straight to their vehicles upon dismissal. If they need to re-enter the building, they are to do so through the door they exit. Children should not be going from one lot to another, nor through the alley, after school.


Students in grades 4 and 7 will take the FSA's between February 15th to March 12th. Please watch for more information.

Lunch Supervisor Sign-Up:



I pray you have a very restful and fun weekend! We'll see you Monday!

In Christ,


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