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January 14th, Headmaster Email

Good morning parents,

Lock Down Procedures

Monday and Tuesday after assembly, we will be running our first lockdown drills. Students will be instructed to remain silent, lockdown in three specified locations in the building, and wait until the lockdown is lifted. This procedure will be used if an intruder enters the church or some other threat of this nature. Teachers or supervisors will be responsible for the students under their charge at the beginning of the drill. Any students in the washroom or excused from class will be the responsibility of the Headmaster, Mrs. Patterson, or one of the Pastors if they are on site. We hope to keep this drill calm and light-hearted. We will repeat it until the students can follow the procedure instinctively. The plan is to practice the drill twice daily this Monday and Tuesday morning (the 15th and 16th) and see how it goes.

Please let us know if your student is troubled by the drills or if you have any questions or concerns.

In Christ,

James Casson

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