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January 10th, Headmaster Email

Dear Parents,

It sure is good to be back with the students today! I trust you all had a good break and I pray this first week is a blessing to you all.

Please read these reminders carefully to start the week off well:

Proper Indoor/Outdoor Shoes:

Please remember that students need both inside and outside shoes! They can leave their indoor shoes here during the week. If students only have one pair of shoes, they are required to stay a bit after school to help mop the floors as the mud and salt from outside quickly gets out of hand.

Health Check and Absences:

Please continue to complete the daily health check:

If your student is absent due to illness or required isolation, you can pick up their missing work after the second day of their absence.

Lunch Supervision:

Please consider volunteering for lunch supervision:

Report Cards:

Be sure that report cards are signed and returned with your students this week.

In Christ,


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