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February 21st, Headmaster Email

Hello parents,

Here are several important updates for you.

  • Re-enrollment packages went home two weeks ago. If your family plans to return next year, please return your paperwork with the applicable fee before Friday, March 10th.

  • Tax receipts are ready for pickup at the school office.

  • Hot Lunch is tomorrow.

  • The lost & found area is overflowing with unclaimed boots, clothing and other misc items. Please look through it by this Friday. We will be disposing of anything that is unclaimed.

We've had a few questions regarding the N/A for PE on the progress reports. Our new PE teacher, Mrs. Bloom, did not have enough time to evaluate the students properly and could not submit accurate marks. Students will receive a PE mark on their next report card.

Volunteers needed:

Here is the February Lunch Supervision link ( We continue to struggle to find parents for lunch supervision. If seats are available on the zeffy link, we still need people. Younger siblings are welcome.

Beginning March 5th, the church will utilize the grade 2-3 & 4-5 classrooms as an overflow room for services. This will be a new volunteer opportunity Friday after school (starting at 12:00pm) and Sunday after service (starting at 12:45pm). If you are available to help, please get in touch with Elysha, myself, or the classroom teachers.

I want to make fulfilling your required hours as easy as possible. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for volunteer opportunities, making things work better for you, or any questions.

In Christ,

James Casson

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