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February 16, Headmaster Email

Good afternoon parents,

I hope you had a wonderful long weekend! Here's what you need to know going into this week!

Grade 4 & 7: Foundational Skills Assessments:

The Foundational Skills Assessment (FSAs) are set to begin this week for Grades 4 and 7 and finish the week before Spring Break. The test itself is not that long (a total of 4.5 hours) and includes class discussion, written work, and computer-based questions, all in math and language arts. We will be spreading the portions of the exam out over the entire three weeks, so it will not be too disruptive to regular class time nor overwhelming for the students. While we do not want the students to feel anxiety over these exams, we do want them to give it their very best to the Lord's glory! Please help set them up for success through ensuring they have adequate rest the night before as well as a good breakfast the morning of.

Below is the planned testing schedule. Mark these on your calendar:

February 17 9 AM: Grade 4 Group Activity & Reading (In-Class)

February 23 9 AM: Grade 4 Reading Comprehension (On-Line)

February 24 9 AM: Grade 7 Reading Comprehension (On-Line) and Grade 4 Reading Comprehension (In-Class)

February 25 9 AM: Grade 7 Numeracy (On-Line)

February 26 9 AM: Grade 4 Numeracy (On-Line)

March 1 9 AM: Grade 7 Reading Comprehension (In-Class)

March 3 9 AM: Grade 4 & 7 Numeracy (In-Class)

March 5 9 AM: Grade 7 Writing (In-Class)

Spelling Bee: February 25

Our school-wide spelling bee (Grade 1-7) is scheduled for next Thursday. We will begin at 1:30 with the grade 1-3 group, then move to 4-6, then 7+. This day will be a formal uniform day.

Parents, if you would like to attend, please RSVP to this email with which age(s) you'll be watching. Space is limited to maintain covid restrictions, so this will be first come first serve.

Homeschoolers--you are invited to compete as well! Just let me know and I'll be sure you get the rules and wordlist.

A Few Reminders:

Please remember to send a clean water bottle with your child everyday. We had quite a few that forgot them last week.

Homework Survey:

Lunch Supervision Sign-Up:

Enrollment Fee Payment:

In Christ,


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