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Clarification regarding Hot Lunch

Hello parents,

Our next Hot Lunch day will be Wednesday, January 31st and we will be ordering from The Chopped Leaf. Order forms will be going home today with students and MUST be back by Friday, NO EXCEPTIONS! The reason for this is because we have to place our order with The Chopped Leaf Friday afternoon. We apologize for the short notice on this one, but it couldn't be helped.

You may have heard whispering from your child that Hot Lunch will be free going forward, and that is not entirely correct. Our school has accepted some grant money as part of a feeding families program and that money will help to offset the cost of food for our Hot Lunch program. To-date, our Hot Lunch program has been used as a fun way for the kids to come together and eat lunch with their respective houses to help build some school commodore and encourage them to get to know other students that they may not interact with regularly. Hot Lunch also contributes funds to their fundraising pool, which pays for their year end field trip to Sunnybrae, and helps with the purchase of items like new PE equipment or microscopes etc. All money that is collected when you purchase Hot Lunch for your child(ren) is first used to cover the cost of the food and the remaining money goes into the fundraising pool. We try to keep Hot Lunch as affordable as possible for families, but with the raising cost of food, it is becoming more challenging.

So going forward, there will be some Hot Lunches that you will be required to pay for and there will be some that will be by donation only. Please pay close attention to the order forms for those instructions.

If you have any questions regarding Hot Lunch, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In Christ,


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