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April 8th, Headmaster Email

Dear Parents,

It's been a great week back from Spring Break! Here are just a few things to note:

Report Cards

Term 2 report cards are going home today! Please return these signed on Monday. As always, if you would like to meet with your child's teacher in regards to their progress, call or email the office to arrange this.

55+ Luncheon: Bloomfield

Next Tuesday the house of House Bloomfield will join the 55+ group for lunch. They will present the "Resurrection Eggs," which we have been practicing this week. I have attached the students' parts; if your child is in House of Bloomfield, please have them practice over the weekend so they can present it smoothly.

Spring Plan Fundraiser

The forms for our Spring fundraiser went home with the oldest child in each family this week. These are great quality plants!

In My Absence

Unfortunately I was out sick the majority of this week and have appointments which will require me to also be out much of next week. Often on days in which I am not here, Pastor Ryan is acting Headmaster. In circumstances (such as this week and next) in which Ryan and I are both away, one of our board members, Nolan Pastor, serves as Headmaster. Nolan was Headmaster last year when I was out with my new baby and is a blessing to our school community.

Grammar Speech Meet

Because I was out much of this week, the final assignment of Grammar Speech Meet topics will be given to the students on Monday rather than today. I apologize for this delay.

I hope you have a weekend full of sunshine, rest, and worship!

In Christ,


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