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April 20th, Headmaster Email

Good afternoon parents,

Here are a few updates for this week.

Staying Put for Next Year

In case you are unaware, at our AGM, First Baptist Church voted to keep the school at 454 Columbia Street for the 2023-2024 school year. This was the most economical decision for next year. We continue to consider other possibilities for the future, and I ask for your prayers in this regard for the future of FBCA. We face numerous operational challenges including classroom space, indoor and outdoor PE facilities, as well as curriculum and other educational improvements we would like to implement.

Body Odour

On another matter entirely, we have had a body odor problem with our grade six classes and up. We ask that students follow a proper hygiene regimen for the sake of their classmates, particularly on PE days with the older grades. If you, as parents, could address this with your children, it would be greatly appreciated.

FBCA Grammar School Speech Meet

Speech Meet is officially happening again this year.

1. Students’ top two choices are due Wednesday, April 26. If no choice is submitted, a selection will be assigned to them.

2. Students will be notified by Friday, April 28, which of their choices they will present.

3. Choices may include passages that have been previously memorized in class. The purpose of the speech meet is the challenge of presenting in competition rather than memorization. Memorization is not required for the presentation but may be included at the classroom level. Notes, cue cards, etc., can be used for the presentation.

4. The Speech Meet will be held Monday, June 19. Before the day of the Speech Meet, students will have opportunities to practice within their class.

Submissions will be made to teachers. I have attached the categories and judging rubric for your consideration and preparation.

Free Groceries for our families!

Finally, in November, FBCA accepted the “Student and Family Assistance Grant” which was offered to independent schools to assist families struggling with basic necessities. FBCA is simply the means for distributing these funds to the families of our students. The grant aims to help families with “Food Security” and “School Associated Fees.” While we do have some fees to which the grant could be applied, food security is an equally applicable and necessary expense for all our families. Additionally, I would prefer that the grant not directly benefit the school. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. If you wish not to be included in the distribution, please notify Elysha. In Christ, James

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