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Announcing Teachers for Next Year!

Dear Parents, We are humbled and overjoyed at what God is doing among us at First Baptist Classical Academy. The past year has presented its own unique challenges, but it has also brought with it some spectacular blessings. As I think back on all the challenges and obstacles that we were facing in September of 2021, and as I consider all the ways that we walked with God from that day unto this day, I can't help but utter my praise to God who showed Himself, as always, to be completely faithful to His people in providing for us and sustaining us. Of course, He gave to us abundantly above and beyond even our wildest expectations. Additionally, our students greatly excelled this year. As I write this email sitting in my office, I've just come from our first annual Speech Meet, where our students gave compelling memory recitations and delivered scholarly exegetical talks on various Scriptures. When it comes to your students, something that never shows up on a report card but is so important is the courage and perseverance that your students demonstrate when they press forward into difficult and daunting situations. Academically, your students have advanced and improved in many subjects and skills, but even with academics set to the side, they always give their best as they did today, and we are beyond grateful to you, and to the Lord for all of them.

New Teachers!

As 2022 comes to a close, we have a few exciting bits of news to share with you about next year. We are pleased to announce that we have hired a new teacher to join our faculty for next year, Ms. Mckayla Ramsey. In addition to Ms. Mckayla Ramsey, we are also very pleased to welcome Mrs. Kyla Bleyenberg. Mrs. Bleyenberg is leaving behind the role of Headmaster in order to join our teaching staff. From now on, Mrs. Bleyenberg will be in the trenches working alongside the other teachers on the front lines of learning. Please welcome these two new, fantastic individuals to our school community.

Expanding Enrollment!

Another exciting tidbit to share with you is that we are growing as a school! Next year we will be welcoming many new students to our student body. As this school year comes to a close, we have just under 60 students enrolled. At the time of this writing, we have just over 80 students fully enrolled for next year. However, we still have several students in the process of enrollment. We are prayerfully anticipating that our enrollment will reach 90 students by September. Everyone will have a few new friends to learn with and to play with when the Fall arrives. Again, God is to be praised!

Class Assignments

With the growth in enrollment, our teachers have had to shuffle around, changing the grade levels for which they are normally responsible, in order to best meet the needs of our student body. We want to thank our teachers for the incredible job they've done this year, and we ask for your prayers for them as they prepare for a new challenge in the Fall. Our teacher for each class follows:

  1. Kindergarten to Grade 1 - Ms. Mckayla Ramsey

  2. Grade 2 to Grade 3 - Mrs. Brina Stanley

  3. Grade 4 to Grade 5 - Ms. Natika Ilic

  4. Grade 6 - Mrs. Kyla Bleyenberg

  5. Grade 7 - Ms. Lydia McAndrew

  6. Grade 8 to Grade 9 - Mr. Luke Campbell

Additionally, we are pleased to welcome back Mrs. Shanti Claycamp to the School of Logic as our Math and Science teacher. I am also grateful to be able to return as the Bible teacher for Grades 7 to 9. We are pleased to be able to offer a Fine Arts class next year to our School of Logic students, and we may have a few other exciting electives that are still in the works and being finalized. Hopefully, we'll have some more exciting news to share with you about other electives very soon.

A Headmaster is Needed

But we desperately need your prayers. Even though we are grateful for all that God has provided and we rejoice at the promise of what is yet to come next year, we still need God to provide for us. Would you please pray for God to raise up a man or a woman who could serve competently as our Headmaster at the school? For the time being, the board has named me as the Interim Headmaster, but the responsibility of this position is simply too great to be balanced alongside my other responsibilities. As you remember us in your prayers, please ask God to show us how we may be able to carry the mission of the school forward without a Headmaster, temporarily, as we continue to search for a new Headmaster. The other thing for which we ask you to petition the heavenly Father is to raise up a godly, competent, experienced administrator who loves Jesus with all their heart, and also understands and delights in classical education. Pray that God will provide this individual for us.

Thank you!

Parents, as always, thank you. We thank you for allowing us the privilege of working alongside your student every day. We are pleased with the young men and women that they are growing into, and we are grateful to God for you in your partnership in this great undertaking. May God be glorified!

In Christ, Joshua Claycamp

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