November 23 Headmaster Email


Dear Parents,

Its hard to believe that we only have three more weeks until Christmas break! Term 1 ends next Friday (December 4) and we will be taking school photos the following week (stay posted for more information!). As we near the break, we are reminding students of the school saying: "Finish, Strong!" This applies not only to the students in their academics, but also to us as educators and parents while we strive to disciple the children God has entrusted into our care and cultivate the most God-honoring school environment. Its an honor to be partnered with you in this endeavor. Here are a few reminders of how we can be doing this presently:

Covid-19 Policies: Masks, Hygiene & Screening: Mask: I have received some questions regarding Dr. Henry's updated mask mandate, and wanted to take this opportunity to clearly communicate regarding mask usage at FBCA:

  • Students in Kindergarten through Grade 5: Masks are a personal choice. If you would like your child to wear a mask, we fully support this decision and will assist in its implementation on our end.

  • Students in Grades 6-7: Masks must be worn when interacting outside their learning group. For our students, this means if the washrooms on the lower floor are used, as well as if they remain after school in a capacity that may put them in contact with students in Kindergarten through Grade 3. Parents of students in this class, please ensure your child has a mask daily.

  • Teachers must wear a mask if they are interacting outside of their assigned learning group (such as providing supervision, consulting with another teacher, etc.)

  • All adults who enter the building who are not ass

igned to a learning group, must wear a mask. This includes volunteers for lunch supervision, parents who come in for a teacher meeting, etc. If you have a medical exemption to mask-wearing, please let me know.

Hand Hygiene: We also all need a reminder to always sanitize hands immediately upon entering the building. Please remind your children of this rule as well, as many (including the older students) are still needing regular prompting to do so. Health Screenings: Finally, remember those health

screenings daily! Sometimes a child may not tell you if they are feeling bad, so we need to be actively asking them about the items on the list.

Notifying Office of Absence, Late Arrival, and Early Pick-Up: Please remember to notify the office through emailing in the following circumstances:

  • Student Absence;

  • Student Late Arrival;

  • Student Early Departure.

If a student is not in class in the morning, without an email regarding their absences or late arrival, Elysha must phone you to verify their location. Please assist us in this by keeping the office properly informed regarding your student's absence. Furthermore, if you need to pick your child up early, we can have them waiting for you if it their departure is known to us.

Personal Electronic Devices As per our Parent-Student Handbook, personal electronic devices are not permitted at FBCA. This includes (but not limited to): cell phones, MP3 players, video game devices, etc. In most cases, there is no need for your child to bring these items to school. We do understand that as children get older and gain independence, parents may want them to have cell phones to contact them after school, such as if they are walking to a bus stop. If this is the case for your child, we require that the cell phone remains turned off and in their backpack while on school grounds. Thank you for your cooperation in this! Lunch Supervision Sign-Up If the link does not work, please email or phone Elysha in the office. Thank you all! I pray you have a wonderful week. In Christ, Kyla

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