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Oct 15 Headmaster Email

Dear Parents, As this week is nearing its close, there are a few more important items to communicate: Appropriate Play For several weeks, teachers and supervisors have found it necessary to continue to explain to students that there is to be no “rough-housing”. We have found it necessary to remind students repeatedly that there is to be no rough-housing. We need to be sure this same message is reinforced at home by parents at home. Please be aware that FBCA has a “no fighting” and a “no rough-housing” policy. We consider fighting and “rough-housing” to be acts of “gross violence” as per our student handbook. Therefore, all of the following actions are forbidden, regardless of whether the intent is to harm or to play: hitting, kicking, grabbing, yanking another student by their clothes, biting, pinching, pulling hair, tumbling, choking, "snakebites," or shoving. From this point forward, if students engage in any of these actions, whether they are the instigator or a willing participant in some game that necessitates any of the foregoing actions, the result will be a two-day suspension from school. Please note the following from our Parent-Student handbook: Discipline Policy (Page 25): “II. Serious Misconduct (Page 26): If a student commits an act with such serious consequences that the Headmaster deems it necessary, the office-visit process may be bypassed and suspension imposed immediately.

  1. Examples of such serious misconduct could include, but are not limited to: acts endangering the lives of other students or staff members, gross violence, vandalism, violations of civil law, or drug abuse. Students may also be subject to school discipline for serious misconduct, even if it occurs after school hours or off school property.”

Please discuss these matters with your children at home. Encourage them to immediately inform the supervisor if another student attempts to “rough-house” with them. Furthermore, we have become aware that a particular game is often the source of this rough-housing: Pokemon. Parents, be advised that we have permanently banned "Pokemon" from the playground. Pokemon is a game in which students attempt to "capture" other students as if they are the fictional creature. This game is now prohibited, and students found to be playing this game will be sent to the Headmaster’s Office for further disciplinary action. Please know that in all these matters, our desire is to create a safe school environment and to see each child reach their greatest potential in Christ. As these young men and women grow in their godliness, they must cultivate self-control and respect for others. These policies are written and enforced to this end. Drop-Off Time School doors are opened for students at 8:10 and students will not be permitted into the building prior to 8:10 unless they are under the direct supervision of their parent. If you have extenuating circumstances which cause you to need to drop your child off earlier than 8:10 and are not ok with them waiting outside the building until it is unlocked, please touch base with me concerning this. Policy Training Monday at noon we will have our mandatory policy training for all volunteers working directly with children who have not already done so this year. We will meet in the sanctuary. Microwave Use Please note that we do not have a microwave available for student use (nor for a supervisor to use on behalf of the student) at lunchtime. Volunteer Opportunities

  1. We need a volunteer to come in once a week, preferably Monday or Tuesday, to re-sort all of our library books. This can be before or after school.

  2. We still need a few strong individuals to move playground equipment to the new field.

  3. October Lunch Supervision:

Thank you for your active involvement in your child's academics and school community. I hope you all have a great evening! In Christ, Kyla

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