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September 15th Headmaster Email

Dear Parents, I have heard so many great things about how school is going for everyone! I pray your family is settling well into a new routine. Here's just a few things to communicate this week: PE for Greek Learning Group: Please have your students bring their change of clothes in a separate bag (plastic is fine), which will assist in the changing process. Homeschool Cohort Arrival: Homeschool families can either arrive between 11:50-Noon or 12:50-1:00. The main doors will be open during this time to let you in and get settled. A Few Uniform Reminders: Grammar Girls

  • Knee High socks or tights may be worn with Jumpers. Cuff socks are for pants or bermuda shorts.

  • Shirts need to be buttoned all the way up.

  • A cross tie of the opposite color may be worn, but is not required except on formal days. (Green tie with Blue jumper or pants, Blue tie with plaid jumper)

Grammar and Logic Girls

  • Hair accessories should match the uniform. This means navy blue, green that would match the tie or black, white, silver, or gold.


  • A belt should be worn at all times.

Girls and Boys:

  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times. Only Logic girls may wear their shirts untucked. Parents of younger children, please help them learn how to tuck in independently so they can following using the washroom.

Friday: No school next Friday! (Sept 25) The teachers will have their first Professional Development day of the year. Enjoy the long weekend! In Christ, Kyla

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