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Parent Email Returning To Campus

Dear Parents, We are excited at the ability to return to in-person instruction! School staff have missed our students and we know many of you find yourself in a position in which you need your children to return to on campus instruction. We believe we have developed systems and policies in which we can return to campus in a manner that is safely in line with the latest public health recommendations and that this approach will best meet our student's educational needs. However, we also recognize that each of you have unique needs and valid concerns in this season, therefore our plan accommodates both in-person instruction as well as continued distance-education. The attached document outlines the basics of FBCA's plan. We recognize there are aspects that can be tweaked and improved upon, but this is a strong starting point for us all and hopefully will aid you in making the decision of which approach is best for your family. Please read through this and feel free to email me if you have any questions. The first day of the on-campus track is Monday, June 1. I am asking that you respond by email to let us know whether you are leaning towards the on-campus or the at-home track. On Friday, school leadership will be finalizing plans and having more certain numbers will greatly assist us in this. (If you aren't 100% sure, that's fine too--just contact me by Thursday and let me know your thoughts or if there is some way I can assist you in making the decision.) Talk soon, Kyla ​

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