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Parent Email

Dear Parents, I hope this email finds you well. Thank you to those who took the time last week to fill out the survey. This serves as the primary way for us to understand your children's needs during this time and for us to know how to adjust our educational delivery. When we first began this endeavor, I used the analogy of a marathon. It seems that overall we have hit a good stride in the last week and some of the older students are even ready to add on a bit more. As we plan for additional subjects and activities I also want to encourage you to remember the value of play and outside time in children's development. The hours your children spend in imaginative play, leisurely reading, running around outside, and joining in household activities with you, can have just as much value on their physical, intellectual, and emotional development as any structured school activity. So while we want to serve you by providing as much academic activity as desired, also remember the value of those additional activities that your child has the opportunity to be engaged in during this unique season. While we add on more optional subjects and activities, don't feel guilty if you don't complete them. Your child will be best served through you finding the rhythm that works right for them and your household. A few educational tips:

  • Especially on days that we do not have a class-wide check-in, be sure to start your "schooling time" with prayer.

  • If your child begins to get frustrated with a task, take a break. Let them have some down time listening to music, jogging around the backyard, or whatever would be refreshing to them. Just like adults, when we are frustrated, our output is not going to be a true reflection of what we know, and new information is not going to be understood. Take a breather and come back to it with a refreshed mind.

  • Take advantage of the teachers' "office hours." These are times that the teachers are available through email, phone call, or video call to talk to you or your child. The teachers can have a one on one video call with your child to re-explain a concept that is difficult for them or chat with you to clarify an assignment. We are here to serve you and the teachers are eager to help in this capacity if it would be beneficial.

  • The HAS pages include the specific days each assignment is to be completed. Keeping up with these "deadlines" will keep your children on a good pace of learning and ready for their next live class. However, we know everyday can present different challenges in your home, so if you don't get an item done on time, don't stress about it. Tomorrow is a new day and they can get back on pace when they are able.

Next Week's Schedule & HAS Pages: Thank you for your patience while we work out the various scheduling needs. Several of you expressed the difficulty of transitioning between classes and the back to back classes created a challenge for our teachers to get from one to the next on time. Therefore, I have created a 5 minute break between each class. While this creates some "odd" start times, our hope is that it will also lead to prompt starts with everyone ready to go. After this week (which is another four day week), the class times should be more the same from week to week. Here are the items for next week: Due to the Holiday weekend, the HAS pages have not all been finalized. However, so you could begin to plan your week, I wanted to send out our Video Class Schedule. Also, here is Mrs. Stanley's Parent Letter and HAS page for Kindergarten & Grade 1. The other HAS Pages will be sent in as soon we are able. Additional Resource: In addition to the extra activities provided by your teacher, the Ministry of Education has put together a website to assist parents in this time of distance education. While I haven't previewed everything on this site, it does look like a great resource of learning tips, additional activities, and resources. I pray you had a wonderful weekend of celebrating our Lord's resurrection. During this time of uncertainty, may our families draw near to Him, as the never-changing Savior and Redeemer. In Christ, Kyla

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