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Parent Email: Distance Education Survey

Dear Parents, The school leadership continues to be very prayerful in how to move to distance education and your feedback will help us know more of the factors. If you are able to fill this out this morning, this will be immediately helpful. But even if not this morning, please do so as you are able. I know there are many uncertainties and even just doing this survey may cause the temptation of wondering all the "what if's." I encourage you once again to enjoy your spring break and know that this is new territory for us all and we are all in it together! I am sure whatever plan we implement will need to be tweaked as we go to accommodate the various needs of our families. Finally, here is the letter from Rob Fleming, the Minister of Education regarding yesterday's announcement. There is already a lot of misinformation floating around and, in all things during this unprecedented time, I encourage you to find the actual sources, not simply facebook posts or even news articles that may sensationalize one point. Praying for you all, Kyla

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