Christianity Today features the rise of Christian Classical Schools

Christianity Today, "The Rise of the Bible-Teaching, Plato-Loving, Homeschool Elitists"

The September issue of Christianity Today features a cover article, " The Rise of the Bible-Teaching, Plato-Loving, Homeschool Elitists," discussing the rise of Christian Classical schools. The author focuses on how Classical Christian schools may be saving Western Civilization from the coming dark ages of education. The article is behind a pay wall, so only a brief excerpt is permissible here. However, the whole thing is very well worth your time to read.

Here is a brief quote:

"In contrast, Western society today is increasingly eager to cut itself off from both its Judeo-Christian and Greco-Roman roots. America’s elite universities, and increasingly non-elite ones, have rapidly jettisoned requirements for courses in Western thought (in 2011 the pro–liberal arts group National Association of Scholars documented the “near extinction” of Western Civilization from core curricula at top colleges). If the seeds for this wholesale abandonment were sown in the protests of the 1960s, the anti-Western flame became a wildfire in 1988, when protesters at Stanford University famously chanted, “Hey hey, ho ho, Western culture’s got to go.”

In his 1995 bestseller, How the Irish Saved Civilization, Thomas Cahill argued that many of the pagan (pre-Christian, Greco-Roman) classics were preserved through the Dark Ages by a most unlikely group of people: Irish Catholic monks living in a remote corner of the civilized world. If the country is preparing to enter a type of second Dark Ages devoid of classical thought, another unlikely group of people is arising to preserve the Great Books of the Western intellectual tradition: conservative evangelical Christians."

To read the whole article, visit Christianity Today and read the article here.

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