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Academy Uniform Policy


Our development of a uniform is driven by a desire to create and promote an environment of learning where dress is not a distraction to the educational process. The motivation for the policy has grown out of the following principles:


  1. Our goal is to honor God in all we do, acknowledging the Lordship of Jesus Christ in our choices.

  2. All human actions, including outward manifestations such as clothing, reveal and communicate the disposition of the heart at some level. It is our desire to address these heart issues in one uniform dress policy rather than seeking to anticipate and curb the numerous manifestations of it that surface throughout the year with a looser dress code.

  3. Clothing represents the vocational calling of a person, and inherent in the uniform dress code is a desire to create an environment where undue attention is not drawn to specific students. The neat appearance created by a uniformly dressed student body enhances a ready-to-learn atmosphere.

  4. Uniformity helps engender a cohesive presentation of the students in our school. When our students are uniformly dressed it communicates, aesthetically, that they are part of the same team, working toward the same goals. The student is part of a group identity that strives for excellence, and the code establishes a tradition toward that end.

  5. The uniform dress code should save parents money. Neither parents nor students will experience the temptation to constantly be adding to their wardrobe throughout the year in order to meet constantly shifting cultural standards. The uniform dress code de-emphasizes the social impact of dress and helps focus the students on character and academic issues.

  6. Most importantly, the uniform dress code addresses On field trips, students who are dressed similarly aid the teachers in keeping track of everyone. On the playground or in the school, especially within an urban downtown setting, teachers and staff can clearly identify students from outsiders.


Students are expected to comply with the uniform policy while at the school unless specified otherwise by the administration. The administration is responsible for the interpretation of the policy, and the enforcement of the policy is the responsibility of parents, administration, faculty, and staff.


We've found that French Toast is a good quality of school uniform and can be purchased on Amazon. But, unless stated specifically within the uniform handbook, feel free to shop for most of these items wherever is most convenient and economical for you!

Download FBCA Uniform Handbook


Apply to First Baptist Academy. Download the Application by clicking the "Download Our Application" button below. Fill in the form, save it, and then submit it as an attachment via email to Or you can download our application in a PDF format, print it off, fill it out, and drop it by the school office at your convenience.

Download Parent/Student Handbook

  • Monday through Thursday will be assumed to be "non-formal." Fridays are always formal days. Other than Fridays, the scheduling of formal days will be clearly communicated in advance.

  • All field trips will require a Formal Uniform, however, on occasion, the non-formal uniform will be allowed, so long as a school crest is present and visible.

  • Cardigans may be worn with formal uniform if they have the school crest.

  • All skirts, jumpers and shorts must be knee-length. This means they must reach the middle line at the back of the knee. Uniforms will be considered out of dress code when they are above the knee cap in order to allow time to purchase a new size when a child grows.

  • All shirts must be buttoned to the top button.

  • Other than Logic & Rhetoric Ladies, all shirts must be worn tucked in.

  • Other than Logic & Rhetoric Ladies, all pants and shorts must be worn with a belt.

  • Students should not come to school with torn clothing. Particularly on formal uniform day, your child's clothing needs to be well-fitting. 


Q: Must I order all uniform items through French Toast?

A: Only the items designated in the above charts with F.T. are required to be French Toast brand and can be ordered from their website or Amazon. All other items may be purchased from the place of your choosing.

Q: When will my child receive their School T-shirt for PE?

A: All students will receive a school t-shirt during the first week of class. Student in kindergarten through grade 3 are not required to change clothes for PE.

Q: Are camisoles or undershirts acceptable?

A: Camisoles, bras, undershirts and kick shorts are considered undergarments. All undergarments should be worn as needed and must be out of sight at all times.


Q: Is it alright to wear a sweater without a blouse or polo underneath?

A: Sweaters are not permitted to be worn without a blouse or polo underneath.  


Q: What kind of leggings are acceptable?

A: Leggings are NOT acceptable. Only footed tights, or knee-high socks are acceptable for girls. Logic & Rhetoric ladies may also wear nylons.


Q: What about my son’s hair?

A: A young man’s hair must be above his ears and not touching the collar of his shirt. He must also remain clean shaven.

Q: What about my daughter’s hair?

A: A young woman’s hair must kept off her face. Hair accessories are fine as long as they match her outfit (in general, navy or white, or metal tones).

Q: What kind of jewelry is appropriate?

A: Small earrings on the lobe are fine. Earrings up around the top of the ear or anywhere else are inappropriate. Necklaces are fine, as long as they are not visible.

Q: What is the school's approach to makeup and hair dye?

A: God has created each of us unique. Make-up and hair dye can be used to accent that natural beauty but should not be used to cover it up or cause a person to be the focus of others attention. Therefore, if make-up is worn at FBCA it should be subtle and not bright in nature. Hair dye is limited to natural colors.


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