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First Baptist Academy of Kamloops:  The School of Logic

Studying subject of logic
Is that... logical?


For anyone wondering whether middle school is a critical age in the life of a child, note Jesus' age in the only account of his early life after his birth but prior to his ministry given in Luke 2:41-52. He is twelve years old.


Middle school students enter as old children around the age of twelve, or Grade 7, and exit the School of Logic as young adults, around the age of fifteen. Our goal will be to prepare them for entrance into the School of Rhetoric where they will need the tools of logic, reason and argument in order to speak well. While they are with us in the School of Logic, our teachers and coaches will walk with them and guide them as they mature emotionally, spiritually, and physically.


Our academic goals for students in the School of Logic will include learning how to become self-learners, learning how to manage their schedules and demands, and learning how to think critically and logically.


 The pinnacle of our Logic curriculum is the study of the discipline of logic itself. Our Logic curriculum equips students to recognize errors in arguments, both their own and others'. It is a skill they take into the rest of their studies:


  • into science, where they develop and test hypotheses;

  • into mathematics, where they break down complicated problems into approachable equations;

  • into Koine Greek, where they grasp the order and structure of language;

  • into literature, where they explore authors' vision and narratives and develop their own coherent ideas;

  • into Bible, where they examine the wholeness and rationality of Scripture;

  • into history, where they examine the consequences of events and ideas;

  • into the community of Kamloops, where logical thinking is a much needed corrective for today's relativism;

  • --and into the rest of their lives as well.


Nothing could be more necessary to equip students in Kamloops for a life time of Christian service in arguing for truth.


Apply to First Baptist Academy. Download the Application by clicking the "Download Our Application" button below. Fill in the form, save it, and then submit it as an attachment via email to Or you can download our application in a PDF format, print it off, fill it out, and drop it by the school office at your convenience.

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