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Parent Participation Program

"Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord." Ephesians 6:4.


As a support and extension of the family unit, First Baptist Classical Academy considers the family to be of first importance to a child. God, through His Word, the Bible, indicates that the family is the most important human institution He designed, since He compares it to the relationship believers have with Christ and the Father. Therefore, at First Baptist Academy we are continually seeking ways to actively involve the parents, siblings, and grandparents of our students in the programs of the school.


Pursuant to this goal, families of First Baptist Classical Academy are asked to complete 9 hours of volunteer timer per term, (for a total of 27 hours per year) at the school during each school year. This is an excellent opportunity to become involved in your children’s education, in addition to helping to create a strong community. 


Parents and guardians are asked to complete a Parent Participation Program Form each year and to file it with our office, indicating areas of interest for volunteering within the school community.  The school office tracks all volunteer hours as such, parents are responsible for communicating their hours to the secretary on a regular basis.  Parents are asked to follow up as required throughout the year.


A deposit of $225/term, paid at the start of each term, is held on file and returned to families upon the completion of all volunteer hours. Please note that there will be no refund processed for partial completion of the assigned hours in each term.


In order to volunteer, the parent, grandparent, sibling (19 or older) will require a criminal check. Please check with the school office if you have any questions on how to complete this. Volunteer drivers must provide the school office with a copy of current vehicle insurance with proof of $2 million liability insurance, and a copy of a valid class 5 driver’s license if they wish to drive for any field trip.


Below are a few suggestions for ways to volunteer:


  1. Lunch-time or recess supervision.

  2. Classroom volunteer or supply preparations (as needed by the teacher)

  3. Act as chaperone on field trips.

  4. Volunteer your help in the organization of fundraisers.

  5. Serving on Hot Lunch days.

  6. Weekly classroom set-up or teardown.

  7. Serve as a story-reader, song-leader (in K-3), guest artist, or offer your special talents.

  8. Assist with maintaining the organization of the school library.

  9. Offer specific assistance to serve on Board-appointed committees.

  10. With permission and arrangements with the teacher, present your vocation to the class.



Apply to First Baptist Academy. Download the Application by clicking the "Download Our Application" button below. Fill in the form, save it, and then submit it as an attachment via email to Or you can download our application in a PDF format, print it off, fill it out, and drop it by the school office at your convenience.

Download Parent/Student Handbook

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