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House System

Traditionally the house system provided structure within schools, fostering a culture of belonging and purpose. First Baptist Academy’s house system is based on historic European models which were utilized within boarding schools and are currently used in other classical Christian schools. The beauty of the familial community is an  important aspect of life at First Baptist Academy. Therefore, a fundamental component of the house system is the practice of merging students and faculty from a large community into smaller ones. Accountability, ownership, and leadership are promoted in these smaller groups, strengthening relationships across grade levels by encouraging students to interact with a broad range of students. This promotes a healthy, competitive spirit, and it ultimately builds a multi-generational school community. All members of a family will be delegated to the same house for years to come. It is our hope to one day see First Baptist Academy students being welcomed into the house that was shared by one of their grandparents!


The houses are named for faithful Baptists from First Baptist Academy from earlier periods of history. The names were selected because these people remind us of the struggles they faced and of the faithfulness of God in working in and through His people to further establish and nourish His Kingdom. Their stories are encouraging, and their lives of obedience are worth imitating because they pursued Christ wholeheartedly. Students are encouraged to emulate the warrior spirit of their house namesakes who have faithfully gone before them.




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